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Depoprovera and the after math
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WISH ME LUCK-166 pounds
I went to a dietician to see if she couldn't help me get rid of some of this weight.  Hopefully we can get my metabolism back to the way it is suppose to be.

YAY!!!!!  I just weighed myself. (I am going to do that every Friday)  I am down to 162 pounds!  I fell like doing the happy dance and I was worried because I snuck a few krispy kreme dounuts last night.
 Donut Donut 3 

I weighted in today- just out of curiousity- I WEIGH 160! Wakka-wakka  I lost 2 pounds over the weekend!  I am so happy!  I am back on macrobid to prevent the UT infections.  Pill Bottle  So far so good!!!!
Have a great week! Sunshine 

Well, I cheated on my diet yesterday and today, but I am holding strong at 161.  I am glad I didn't gain more from my splurge!  I promise to be better from now on! 
 Chocolate Bunny Picnic Table 

11/05/04;  158
I am doing well, so far, I know it has been a while since I have added an update.  I am still on my diet and I am am doing pretty well.  I have learned it is basically all things in moderation.  I can have goodies, just not tons of them.


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